24 Hour Live Customer Service



  • Consultation, Training, and Listing Setup
  • Property and Cleaning Guides
  • Property Spreadsheet
  • Evacuation Signs, Labels, and Fridge Decals, etc.
  • Stocking Set Up and Emergency Bin


PHOTOGRAPHY: $300 (Included with Full Management)

  • Full Property Photoshoot, Drone Footage and Video (Edits require 48-72 hours)

CLEANING: $145-$425

  • The cleaning fee is included in the reservation fees and is paid by the guest.
  • Southern Utah Luxury collects the fee and applies it towards the cleaning team and cleaning-related expenses.
  • The fee is dependent on the size of the property.
  • The fee can be structured to include pool/spa maintenance and stocking fee.

Southern Utah Luxury would like to complete an initial deep clean of your home. This is a crucial step in setting a baseline standard that matches our clean property standards. The cost of the clean is dependent on the size of the property and the level of clean needed.

As a valued partner of Marriot Homes, we extend our gratitude by providing a gift basket comprising delectable candies and a thank-you card. We would be delighted to assist in placing additional gift baskets within the home on your behalf. It’s worth noting that any further gift items will be at your expense.


This is worked into the cleaning fee and is paid by the guest. You have the option to stock the property yourself, or we can stock it for you.

Below is the stocking list.

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels 
  • Dishwashing detergent, dish soap & sponges
  • Laundry detergent
  • Trash bags
  • Shampoo, conditioner & body wash
  • Hand soap refills

Your satisfaction is everything to us. We do not require a commitment other than a 30-day written notice so that no party is left scrambling. If you need to stop service we will work with you to make it smooth for all parties involved.

Offering any of the following amenities can help your property stand out in the hundreds of options that are available. 

  • Pool and/or Jacuzzi
  • Kitchen
  • Free Parking
  • Pet Friendly
  • AC
  • Wireless Internet
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Television
  • Flexible Cancelation Plan
  • High Quality Photography

We pride ourselves on not overcharging for basic labor.

Maintenance Assistance – We fix what we can and work with builders/repair technicians to keep the home as good as new. We assist in maintenance as needed. This includes replacing bulbs, batteries, tightening loose furniture, and doors, replacing remotes, clogs, and resets for no additional charge for labor.

The labor rate is $35 per hour for basic labor.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Repairing and/or building furniture 
  • Mounting TVs
  • Showerhead cartridges
  • Water heater repairs and replacement


For any unexpected expense, we will contact you for approval first, then move forward with agreed-upon resolutions. More skill-specific labor is charged at a lower cost than outside company services. All more skilled labor is charged at $60 per hour.

You have options with us!

We know some owners prefer their laundry to never leave the unit and some owners prefer it done off-site. Some owners want to save on startup costs by using a rental linen service. Others want to keep costs low for guests by supplying their own. Our laundry facility is nearby providing us the ability to take laundry off-site for washing when needed.

Option 1: The Owner owns and supplies:

  • 2 sets of linens per bed
  • 1.5 towels per guest
  • 2 hand towels per bathroom (min)
  • 4 washcloths+ per bathroom

Southern Utah Luxury maintains an inventory of Amazon 5-star sheets and black makeup washcloths, and Costco white towels, hand towels, and washcloths in our warehouse. We collect $5 per reservation towards linen replacement. Duvet covers, coverlets and decorative bed items will be owned and replaced by the Owner.

Option 2: Linen Service Rental $40-$80 Linen fee per reservation charge to guest in cleaning fee.

We prefer to use our own linen service to ensure our high standards will be upheld. Southern Utah Luxury will purchase and maintain fitted and flat sheets, as well as bath towels. As these items wear out or become unusable, we will replace them. These items are owned by us. Duvet covers, coverlets and decorative bed items will be owned and replaced by the Owner.