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About Us

“Raising the bar on Property Management!”

We have found a great need in the property management industry for better, more affordable hands-on care. Thinking outside the box, we have built a company that accomplished these things and provides service unlike any other property management company other there today. Our services are unmatched. 

Natasha Isom, owner, and CEO of Southern Utah Luxury began this venture in 2013. As a young couple, she and her husband Jason struggled to find their place in life as they raised their young children. Natasha, a full-time student, and mother, found a job working for a friend cleaning and providing onsite assistance to guests in a nearby vacation community. Word spread of the great work she did and neighbors shared requesting her service. Natasha made the shift from a subcontractor to the business owner of Southern Utah Luxury Inc. in  January 2015.

The focus from the beginning was to help homeowners have success and give the guest a five-star experience. Working together, Jason and Natasha grew to better support one another and have time to spend with their children. 

“I started this business with a handful of cleaning supplies and a strong desire to help people.” -Natasha Isom

The company took off in 2018 which began the year of employment. Cleaning and onsite customer service expanded into partial and full management services, real estate services, association services, and in-house photography. Natasha, Jason, and the Southern Utah Luxury team work around the clock to satisfy homeowners and maintain homes with a personal touch.

2020 brought on many challenges that tested their founding principles. They supported owners and guests with the onslaught of cancelations, remaining honest and ever so helpful. They took time to rebrand, and fine-tune systems. Their website was updated, marketing was refined, so when business picked back up, they were ready for it. 

This experience has brought in countless friendships and additional support. They now have a brokerage backing Southern Utah Luxury’s branding and culture. They continue to move forward serving property owners, buyers, sellers, builders, brokers, and contractors of every kind. They provide opportunities for employees to develop skills of self-checking, time management, housekeeping, computer work, photography, design, and customer service. They have also been able to welcome guests from all around the world by giving them a clean, comfortable, and reliable space to spend time making memories with their loved ones. 

Our Mission Statement

We devote time to providing excellent customer service to guests, outstanding care to the properties, knowledgeable representation for the owners, and discovering what makes a property top notch.